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Winch eng, Diamond stack, wood casks for water kit (5001)

( Item in stock! )This is a craftsman style kit of steam donkeys that were used over a hundred years ago.  Fixed steam donkeys with large steam winches ,which are similar to a locomotive without wheels , bought felled tress to staging areas where the trees could be loaded on to trains. When railroads were used to transport logs from these mountain areas, steam donkeys were also used to winch  trains up tremendous grades of up to 30%. .

Stem donkeys replaced the mule trains that hauled logs out of the woods. They were easier and much faster than mule trains. They were operated by a DONKEY PUNCHER. The puncher knew the engine like the back of his hand and only he operated the donkey. He was usually assisted by a fireman who took care of the fire and water on the donkey

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