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No Frills CD Guide to Bridges and Culverts Vol 1 (8000)

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This single CD collection contains many bridges and culverts found in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado.  Some are still standing today in tact and still being used today.  Others are on abandoned lines and have suffered the test of time.  Some are very modern while others were built during the steam era.   From small bridges to spectacular spans, many of these bridges have been photographed in every detail possible down to the bridge footings, underneath, on top, the retaining walls, the supports, signs and information on or near the bridge, retaining walls, and remaining bent piles.  I’ve tried to capture any bit of useful information over the years for you to use in scratch building or placement of a bridge on your railroad.


The culvert collection is just as incredible too.  You cannot begin to imagine just how many different styles and types of culverts can be found along the rail right of way.  You will be just as amazed to see how many different styles and types of culverts are still in use today! 


Areas photographed are along the former D&RGW narrow gauge and standard gauge, UP, BNSF, RGS, C&S and the former Denver, Northwestern, & Pacific railroads.  This is a n incredible .collection of color digital and picture scanned photographs.  I’ve even included some unique road and foot bridges that can be used in just about any area.


If you model bridges or culverts in any area, this single CD is packed with over 400 photographs of bridges and culverts and many in very complete detail!

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